Posted by Dr. Kelly R. Rasmussen


If you have ever struggled to fit in, or if you have ever wondered why your voice is not heard or you feel like you don't matter anymore, then you too can learn the lessons from the good book of 911.

1. People want to feel certain. In 911 they want to know that help is coming or that you can at least direct them to the right resource. In your relationship, people want to know they can count on you! They want to know you will be there for them!

2. We all need variety as in stimulus or change. People want to mix things up. Sometimes it comes out bad (even very bad) or sometimes it winds up pretty good. The same is true for your relationship. People thrive on variety and the good kind of stress (perhaps a surprise dinner, or date, or a nice present!).

3. Here is a big one - Significance! Anyone who has ever answered the 911 call knows that when people get connected up, they gain strength and power because they have "the police" on the phone! It is a beautiful thing to witness. Likewise in your relationship, giving your partner the time and ability to feel significant can be as simple as thanking them for changing the toilet paper roll, or going the extra mile, but also for being super smart or creative or making things better! 

4. Connection is like love but they are also two different things. In 911 someone calls asking the dispatcher to believe them and by doing so, they feel connected. They are possibly calling because they are missing love and feel like they should end their life. In your relationship, you connect on many levels, and yet, sometimes we need more than that. We need LOVE and we need to see and show it! A touch, a kiss, a smile, an extra dose does it! 

5. Growth is necessary or you die. When people call 911 they grow from the experience. Some call more than once to get the lesson, but we all need to grow. In our relationships we must water, feed, and nurture the relationship in order to grow in a positive, wonderful way. We learn from the struggles and apply the lessons to grow a better relationship!

6. LASTLY - Contribution is a must! We all want to feel that we contribute something. People call 911 to report all kinds of things because they want to step up, step in, because they care. As a 911 dispatcher, we see how giving the human race can be. We do like to give beyond ourselves. It feels good! Contribution in a relationship means we can give of ourselves without judgment, guilt, or thoughts of "what's in it for me." Solid relationships demonstrate great examples of contribution!  

That's it! 6 easy steps to improve and build better relationships in your life that will mean a happier life overall. And you learned it from the good book of 911! I would gladly appreciate (certainty or variety) your comments (to feel significant) and/or share (connection) so we can all build better relationships (growth and contribution)! To thank you, I would like to offer a free discovery session just for you to discover how to help you figure out how to make your relationship better! Just email me below to set up a session!

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Dr. Kelly R. Rasmussen