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If you've ever thought that being a leader today is like being stretched on many fronts and never pleasing anyone in particular, then you might feel a little like that "stretch armstrong" doll. Remember the guy doll whose arms stretched, and stretched, and stretched? Only you cannot stretch like that. Nor should you.

What is it that bosses want from you anyhow? And - how do you lead when nobody cares or wants to follow? Problem with motivation anyone? How about when you agree with one side or the other and have to put on the "really" face, or the "neutral" face? 

From line level, to middle management, to Chiefs, Directors, and more, learning to lead YOUR way today matters more than ever. This series is held only once annually in each state because we strive to keep the highest quality for the attendees. And most of all, it is customized to each and every attendee so they can apply the lessons learned immediately. Immersive? YES! Intensive? YES! Why? Because we need the best and the brightest leaders for all of public safety today!  Next, in part 2 we will discuss some of the many lessons learned in the Success Leadership Series. Stay tuned and subscribe for more valuable lessons. 

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