Posted by Dr. Kelly R. Rasmussen


People want to be lead. They want a leader who is honest, has vision and determination to go after their vision. Throw in a little variety like fun, motivation, and understanding and they will follow you anywhere. Think of great leaders and you will see that they have influence and at the same time inspire others to follow. Correct? The question remains after millions of words, articles, and publications on leadership; What makes a Great Leader?

In the Success Leadership Series, a leader learns how to deal with difficult people, how to handle differences and put down conflict professionally. Most of all, leaders understand the 3 Spheres. In a public safety hierarchy, line level employees know what they know, middle management knows what they know and a little of what line level & upper management knows, and upper management knows what they know and they directly share some knowledge with middle management. In reality it looks like the following 3 Spheres of Hierarchical knowledge (c) 


Understanding what knowledge is shared on what level is appropriate, effective, and demonstrates ethical clout! If you look at a great leader, you will see (and admire) that they cannot tell you *everything* and for the right reasons!

People want to follow a LEADER! Being the best leader in your own right is the Success way of training today's public safety leaders. 

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Dr. Kelly R. Rasmussen