Posted by Dr. Kelly R. Rasmussen


Even Hitler was a successful leader. We don't like to think of him or the leaders of Isis in today's times but ponder for a moment what they did or must be doing in order to appeal to and motivate others to pick up their agenda and follow their lead. People want to be lead! Erroneously, hideously, honestly, people are looking to follow someone who will inspire them. It does not matter the theory under which you categorize it; situational leadership, flexible leadership, charismatic leadership, servant leadership, and so on. The point is, people want to follow and will follow if given the right information, tools, and ability to provide input.

Leaders in the Success series learn to identify problems by peeling back layers (much like those of an onion) to ascertain what is moving or challenging an employee. Then, to provide stimulation and forward movement, they set small steps or goals to accomplish (much like those in a performance improvement program). Then, they learn to hold that employee to those goals by being a mentor or coach. When the goals cannot be met, there is another evaluation for clarity and understanding. When it comes down to measuring the employee as one who "can't" or one who "won't", now they have identified different avenues. There are those who can't (shame on the leader, for they must provide info, tools and resources), and those who won't, (shame on them - we must help them free up their future). (contact me further for help on that).

In the meantime, whether you are a boss who needs to set priorities like how to accomplish your objectives without being "busy" all the time being "busy" or how to channel and delegate good works through your middle managers who are the greatest leaders with "hands-on" effects, the Success Leadership Series can help! Success is continuously improving and educating Great Leaders! These graduates from all walks of life, across the country provide exemplary public safety leadership and are outstanding role models! Why not build great leaders in your organization as easily?

Thank you for your time and exploring LEADERSHIP with us! We look forward to hearing more from you so we can help your organization succeed!

And - here is the final video of the Great Leaders being appreciated and thanked at a recent Graduation of the Success Leadership Series! Enjoy!

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Dr. Kelly R. Rasmussen