Posted by Dr. Kelly R. Rasmussen


Have you ever wondered, "Is it me?"

After 3 unsuccessful tries to become promoted from dispatcher to shift supervisor, it dawned on me that maybe I was doing something all wrong. It couldn't have been all that negative stuff flowing out of me like a huge, gushing river. It probably didn't have anything to do with kicking that metal door and breaking the electronic locking mechanism (I still deny that was me!) No, I didn't have any problems with anger.

Uh, well, then there's that! Each time I was turned down, my boss said to me, "If you go back to school and get your degree, you could be a Director or Dep. Director anywhere in the state." (As he escorted me out of his office with a fake - "too bad" temperament.)

After a while I figured it out - I took his advice and promised, "I'll show you!" And I never looked back. I finished my Associates, worked on Bachelors, and completed my Masters during the time he was..ahem..."escorted out of the building." Kharma is wicked. I moved on after getting my degrees because; all credit to him, I was better than I was behaving. I just didn't have the words to communicate it! After the Masters in Communications, I was greatly changed. 

From there, the rest is history - moved up to Asst. Director, and yes Director! (Again, he was right). What he didn't know or predict, or even more, what I did not see coming, was what all of that change in attitude brought me. I went on to create my Premier Public Safety Training Company (10 yrs in June) and became an author, then I went all the way and got the PhD in Public Safety (Leadership.)
The latest venture is the 9114911 conference to lift up those who have been burned out and beaten down! 

So, the next time someone tells you "NO" or says that you need to clean up your act; maybe, just maybe, it's in your best interest!

Just call me Dr. Kelly :)
Dr. Kelly R. Rasmussen