About us

The next generation of public safety is one of 

merging and meshing of private and public safety.

There are currently blurred definitions in the world of public safety and communications. To that end, we are a Unique Training Company committed to assisting with bringing about new change & new criteria for a futuristic vision for police, fire, dispatch, corrections and the private sector.

Success 9-1-1, LLC  is a company driven to excel and succeed in helping the heroes live better lives. We take the worn, the disheveled, the angry, and the burned-out, negative employees and help them see what the job can become from a different understanding.

Having served in all levels of  9-1-1, we understand the way the job gets to you.

We also know we must never be

 less than perfect  because life depends on it.

If your agency is struggling or seeing difficult times making for costly mistakes, contact us today to see why SUCCESS is different. We have a method of delivery that touches people and causes change. We can provide countless customer referrals from agencies as well as individuals. In the words of one,

“I forgot what I was here for, and now, I am changed for the better.”

Call on Success to create a new approach with guaranteed, proven results for change.



Our philosophy is to provide quality communications training to the 9-1-1 industry, public safety and beyond.  We extend high quality curriculum combined with extremely qualified instructors.  Our focus is committed to advancing your training, answering your questions, and bestowing a sense of pride within our industry.   

Our motivation is 


Kelly R. Rasmussen, PhD

Management Consultant, Speaker, Author


Dr. Kelly has been with the 9-1-1 industry since 1986. She rose through the ranks from Dispatcher to Director and she is now an international speaker and trainer. She is the author of 9-1-1, Who Will Answer Your Call? and Women in Public Safety Leadership: Ten Tips to Get to the Top. Her motivational CD 9-1-1 Matters and her books are all available here on this website.

She is a member of APCO and NENA and has been a certified Emergency Number Professional. She has been a member of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). She held the Michigan Chapter NENA Vice-President seat for over 3 years and she has successfully facilitated and led the consolidation of 3 Public Safety Answering Points into one central dispatch center. She is sought out by organizations who request interventions and assessments to improve their departments from the inside out and is recruited as the 9-1-1 expert by schools and others to answer questions and offer insights about the future of 9-1-1.

Dr. Kelly has appeared on CNN and MSNBC with her company featured by Inside Business. She has shared the stage with Ray Parker, Jr., Glenn Morshower (of television shows 24 and West Wing) and Brian Tracy.

Dr.Kelly's personal investments drive her to succeed:

2020 Master Financial Coach - Ramsey Solutions
2016 Strategic Intervention Coach - Tony Robbins/Chloe Madanes
2014 PhD in Public Safety, Emphasis: Leadership - Capella University
2004 Emergency Number Professional
2001 Master of Science in Communications - Grand Valley State University
1998 Bachelor of Arts - Grand Valley State University
1995 Associate in Arts - Muskegon Community College


Michelle D. Rasmussen, MBA



Michelle oversees the team of professionals that makes our company run in order to bring you the highest quality courses and best customer service in the industry!

Michelle values continuing education and is always on the lookout for ways to serve our customers in the most efficient, effective way possible.