Immersed in and overcome by Negativity? Poor communication? Irritability? Things not working for you? At work? At home? BOTH?

If you wonder how others have overcome such obstacles and regained their life and their spirit, they've probably had a coach! This is where Dr. Rasmussen excels and will help you understand your current situation, what the obstacles are and how to address them, and help you achieve your outcome!

She reads people unlike most others and calls it like it is. Her background covering years of public safety (understanding communications and road) brings a tough, no-nonsense approach to strategic intervention coaching!

If you need to figure out how to take the right step to move to a better place quickly, here’s how you do it…

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From Dr. Rasmussen:

    I help people all the time. I am very good at what I do and I would love to represent you as your coach! Whether it involves relationship issues at work or home (or both because they spill over), I get it and I can help you get through it faster than anyone else out there.
        Strategic Intervention is an advanced style of life coaching using a systemic view of a person’s relationships, surroundings, and beliefs. I empower people to make changes quickly by providing powerful strategies.
    So many people try to solve a “problem” without taking into consideration the relationships. I use advanced tools, education, and experience to help you overcome blocks and harness the resources you have available. Would that help you?

Kelly R. Rasmussen, PhD
(Doctorate in Public Safety - emphasis Leadership)